Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The story of how the Tomb of Sphinx Head

The story of how the Tomb of Sphinx Head was owned for some time by a member of Quill and Dagger should find a place in these pages. The graduate treasurer of Sphinx Head at the time was E. Morgan St. John, who was afflicted with heart trouble. On July 21, 1929 he suddenly died; and in the confusion which followed his lamentably early death his business concerns suffered and with them the welfare of Sphinx Head. When the next one of the local taxes fell due, it was not paid. It is quite probable that his widow did not know of the tax. At any rate the Tomb was advertised for sale. It happened that when the building was put up for sale by the auctioneer, Allan H. Treman ’21 was in the audience. He became the next owner. When Spnix Head alumni found what had become of their property, they of course arranged with Treman for a transfer of the property to its original ownership.

This would be a more substantial story if it could be truthfully said that Quill and Dagger held a party in the Tomb just before it was turned back to Sphinx Head.



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