Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Suppose you shut yourselves securely away

"Suppose you shut yourselves securely away from other students and deliberate upon the best work which you can accomplish for Cornell. This much advertised unselfish labor for Cornell will suffer ridicule, as it justly should. If from these windowless recess you issue 'bulls,' they will carry no weight. The great body of undergraduates whom you exclude from your conferences will have confidence neither in you nor your methods. Your position will not warrant it. The element of strength from which Cornellians are entitled to expect leadership in undergraduate affairs, the influence we count upon to help draw all alike into healthy student activity, and lastly the leavening power that might harmonize social relations will have failed hopelessly. The undergraduates will justly refuse you their confidence and in the end your viewpoint of necessity will be introspective, your interests internal." (13-14)


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